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A New Year, A New You

Happy New Year! This year, 2015, is especially exciting for me because it marks the fifth anniversary of Roxanne Cheney, LLC (Bringing Order Home). Five years! I am eternally grateful to everyone who helped me achieve this milestone, including:

  • Family members and friends for cheering me on from the moment I wondered aloud whether such an effort was viable;
  • Martha O’Regan (TheraVista) for allowing me to do a trial-run of one of her businesses for one year;
  • Stephanie Bobruska for understanding my philosophy as well as my mission, and fashioning my elegant logo;
  • Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce for providing innumerable business growth and learning opportunities;
  • And most importantly, my clients, past and present, for entrusting me with the most intimate details of their lives (whether that involved overfull kitchen cabinets, irreconcilable banks accounts, or multi-tasking mayhem!).

This anniversary celebration has also prompted me to think about additional ways to serve my clients and community. In the past, I’d dismissed the idea of writing a blog. But I know (as a fan of a couple of well-written blogs) that they can be an effective way to educate and inspire readers about a topic on which the writer is knowledgeable and passionate. So, I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging and I hope you’ll come along as I write about the benefits of a well-organized, efficiently managed home.

Roxanne-Organizes-January-2015I imagine many of you are considering what changes you want or need to make on this New Year’s Day. Many of us end up making the same resolutions year after year: lose weight; quit smoking; save money; get organized; etc. That last one – “get organized” – can be a very reasonable and reachable goal. Whether you want your home organized enough that you can invite guests over on the spur of the moment, or simply want your papers organized enough to find addresses or receipts in under a minute, we’ll explore ways to make that possible in future blogs. And guess what? As you get more organized, you’ll be less stressed which may help you lose weight and quit smoking. And you’ll save money because you’ll no longer be paying late fees on bills; buying items you don’t need (because you can’t find the one you already own); storing items you no longer use, need, or love; and a whole host of other benefits that will lead to a more joyful, productive life!

Meanwhile, thank you for reading this introduction. Please let me know if you have a question or opinion on anything I’ve written, or what other issues/topics you’d be interested in.

To your success,


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