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You’ve been making our lives better for more than five years, and we are so thankful. We honestly don’t know what we would do without you.

R. & H. S., Beaufort

You saved my life; it’s as simple and complex as that.  The bottom line is you were the best gift I could have given myself.

H. Y., Beaufort

Since you started sorting through my sister’s mail, paying her bills, organizing her accounts and files, and seeing to all sorts of miscellaneous financial and insurance items, a huge burden has been lifted from our shoulders. We get up every morning and thank God for you. My sister loves you, and so do we!

R. S., Lady’s Island

Roxanne has managed my mother’s affairs for almost 3 years now. This includes financial as well as practical, domestic, and human resources. None of my mother’s children live within 3,000 miles of her. She has recently made a major life change following the death of her husband. Roxanne managed this transition seamlessly. How our family has benefited most is by having complete trust in Roxanne and knowing that we can rely on her for everything that needs to be done. We also benefit from Roxanne’s clear and prompt communication on anything that needs our attention. We have complete peace of mind.

A.B.R., London

We have benefited most from your integrity and absolute thoroughness and willingness to take on any task. There is no way Mom and Dad could get by, being so far away from family, without your services.

L.S., California

The simplest way to put it is you SAVED my mom! She just doesn’t seem to be capable of managing her money by herself, and you have helped a great deal with that. It doesn’t hurt that I can rely on you for information about the day to day doings in SC, but it’s what you have done for her that is so important.

S.L., New York

Your “pushing” is very kind and gentle and I have found you to be very respectful of the mountain of “stuff” we have gone through and picked over …. I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to recommending you to anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

C. J., Beaufort

You gave us some sanity and helped us learn to make some of the hard decisions about the things we are toting across the country every three years.

M.K., USMC wife

The organization services you provided to us after our move to Bluffton were critical and made the move into our new home less stressful and much more organized. Because I was still working and commuting to DC my time was limited; your service helped us to maximize the time I could spend with unpacking and organizing our 5,200-square-foot house. You helped make decisions about office organization, items to give away, and you disposed of the give aways. I don’t recall how many hours we used of your time but it was the best decision we ever made!

P.M., Bluffton

You provided the motivation to complete our project – to get the house organized before our first baby was born! We were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start. You showed us baby steps were the way to go!

K.F., Beaufort

You are the best thing to happen to me in a very long time. How did I manage without your constant support and indispensable advice?

B. L., St. Helena Island

How wonderful to have your priceless help. How in the world did I accumulate so much STUFF? I could never have regained order in my life without you: thank you, thank you!

E. Y., Beaufort

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